For Women Who Change With The World

Rise into Leadership
on your own terms, in flow,
and well resourced.

For Women Who Change With The World is a 13-month container that will share with you the methods, tools and guidance of the Wheel of Life. Woven with women’s mythology, archetypes, history and ancestral knowledge to rise with a stronger narrative for yourself.

Stay aligned and true to yourself, your beauty, and your power to allow your ideas to live out in the world.

You receive all of our workshops for this year where business, marketing and creating tools work for you.

The world at this time need your true gifts, without betraying your most cherished values. The world in 2022 doesn’t need women sacrificing anymore.

These are self-study tools that you can access in your own time and space that will help you:

Pollinate and inspire!

Wheel of Life

a guide to living in flow and through all seasons of change.

In the last decade, the conversation around flow-states entered the zeitgeist. Typically spoken of as short bursts of creative channeling and aligned action.

My own exploration has been learning how to remain in flow on-going. With the Wheel of Life I began to experience and understand 4 stages of Flow that we can experience at different stages of work and creation:

Free Flow

Forging Flow

Don’t Fuck With my Flow

Fine-tuning Flow

How do you know if this is for you?

  • You are an entrepreneur, creative, healer, artist, coach, mentor or guide - tired of feeling stuck, forcing it and pushing forwards without loving the process.
  • You are done playing small - you have a huge vision for the world! 
  • You know deep down the HOW you live the journey is just as important (if not more) than the WHAT, WHY, and reaching the destination.
  • You do not want ABC prescriptions for how to do business, marketing and success - you want to learn the real life magic that works for you, with the tools and trust to keep you in it.
  • You want to LOVE your life and each day in it. Heartgasms and overflowing gratitude, that becomes the fuel to create.
  • You want your feminine to lead and guide the way, with pleasure, power and play!
  • You want to be a leader who rests, and creates the change by living it.
  • You want to live your dreams all the way without compromise.
  • You’re ready to thrive with abundant resources - tools and wealth that allows you show up in your radiance to be of greatest service.

You have to do it yourself, but you cannot do it alone

and why would you want to??

a community of Women from around the world, bringing about positive change. We meet monthly in exclusive live Q&As to be inspired, and support one another on our growth.

You Receive Immediate Access to:

1. Mapping (6-Day) Intro short-course to Flow: Wheel of Life Teachings (with lifetime access)

2. Whole World of Wealth self-study 13 week journey (includes weekly audio guides and journal practices) (with lifetime access)

*You may sign up for this journey at anytime. Your 13-months begins the moment you sign up.

+ 13 months of added tools, guides, meditations and workshops throughout the year to take in your own time. Woven with women’s history, mythology, archetypes and storytelling To help shape your own narrative.

*All of the below can be purchased as individual workshops once published. The live Q&As and group coaching sessions are only available within this container.

Every month will have its own theme, guides and live Q&As. Throughout the year (2022-2023) we will explore the following 13 topics: 

🐆 Leaders of Living well
🌱 Tending to the Soil
🏹 Archers: Clarity & Focus
🪄 Magic Momentum
🦅 Visionary: idealism is our superpower
🌀 Life is but a game
🌊  Comfort in discomfort - Radical non-avoidance
🌺 Work in love
🐚 Selling in Service
👑 Don’t fuck with my flow
🌾 Abundant returns - crypto & once around the blockchain
⏰ Time Travel
🐻 Wisdom Listens and Sleeps

Our 13 monthly zoom Q&As will serve as group coaching, inspiration and excitement within the community.

What to expect when you join?

You will have a blueprint to living life well on your own terms, to no longer be frustrated by dreams and ideas not realized and aware of the power to know that you are leading yourself. 

  • Better life/work balance and follow-through
  • Courage to speak up and share your creations and values.
  • Personal development skills on leadership, creative aligned action, and inner-wellness as your compass guide.
  • Learning to give from an overflowing cup, where you serve yourself first.
  • Discernment and boundaries as love for all, and to protect what you are here to do.
  • How to live, not based on restrictions around money, time and effort.
  • Resources, tools, and community support to rise up to each challenge and occasion.

You will learn how I designed the most beautiful life that I could imagine for myself, with unique work that has impact and power. I share how I’ve learnt to work in my own way, on my own terms - for you to do it in your own way.

I share my mistakes, challenges and hard lessons - for you to navigate them better!

This is the container I wish has been held for me, to stay in-alignment and connection every step of the way.

I’m so excited to be hosting this journey to stay on-course, consistent and courageous.

How to know this works?

"Hannah is incredible. She is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her course, For Women Who Want to Change the World, was EXACTLY what I was looking for. The way I see myself and my business has completely changed. She effortlessly guided us deep into ourselves while showing us how to bring it all together in our lives and businesses (I still practice some of the things we were taught every day). I am forever grateful Hannah and the numerous lessons she taught me in such a short amount of time." - Kylie Ide

"For women who want to change the world was an inner journey that allowed me to understand what is holding me back and what potential power I have to fully create the life that I want to live. The experience brought clarity to my mind, heart and soul and reminded me how important it is for us as women to come together and share from a vulnerable place. How empowering that is." - Wies Merx

"It was this past winter I took your mapping course and learned about living with the seasons, and it has been so cool to see how that really lined up for me this spring, summer, and now fall. So grateful to be moving into this new season!" - Carlin Roland

Hannah’s Story

In 2015 I received an incredible vision for the change in the world I wanted to see, and decided to just go all in to make it happen.

And I wanted to do it on my own terms…

Without funding, team or a big following I surrendered, with a promise to show up each day and ask what was needed from me.

6 months later This led to the first Soul Seed Gathering research documentary trip to Guatemala and 3 months after that a gathering of 50 women

And it just flowed with ease.

It can be simple!

We can create big offerings and change in micro pockets of time by clearing blocks and rising out of the way we get in our own way …

Integrating the teachings of the Wheel of Life I was apprenticed in, guided by the seasons and cycles of change - into business and planning.

This taught me another way of working, creating and living into a success that I can design and cultivate… without sacrifice.

With my values and choices at the heart.

For me this includes:

  • Family and fun with loved ones every day
  • Intimate and ‘it’s only getting better’ love relationship
  • Rest as often as I need and like
  • Co-creating with nature, weather and my environment
  • A change in the world that starts at home full of love, pleasure and joy
  • Giving from an overflowing cup

Join me:

One payment $4200

Only $350 monthly!

6-monthly payments of $790

Only $395 monthly!

Time Travel to the closing of this 13-month container and look back at what you just did.


And with that full body, soul, spirit excitement- now drop into the journey that will take you there.

Join the most magical Women in the world creating change at this time

"Hannah is a force of nature. She beautifully weaves feminine divinity, our sacred sexuality, business, social justice, ancient cultural wisdom, play, humor, sustainability, activism and motherhood into her work on numerous levels. She's honest, endlessly curious and fiercely loving." - Oliva Ashton