We want to stay grounded, connected to nature, good people and love what we do.

How can we stay awake to all our choices, and not add to the problem?

Here, we are exploring how...

We have so much to share - all of us.

We all have this immense creative power, with the ability to shape and channel, dream and vision, discern and relate the reality we wish to be in.

We need to find the ways to channel our fears, frustrations, sadness and anger, with what feels wrong in our life/the world and be in continual creation, all adding to what can be made better.
We want to move beyond perceived limitations and free our minds to make anything possible, working with the natural cycles of life, in-tune and in-rhythm with all.
We are guided more than we know, so we want to continually create space to listen and work in relationship with the infinite mystery of the Universe and have fun while doing it.

We wish to move beyond defined notions of 'working hard' to be deserving. To transform the idea of 'competition' or needing to compare to achieve, and happiness ever being dependent, on anything outside of us.

When we really deeply love what we do and allow it to be our own unique remarkable expression, we get to enjoy living it and sharing from that space, with ease.

We can create free space to be playful, and enjoy each moment.

We can begin to see all challenges as gifts, and any failure, as redirection into something greater.

This becomes our superpower

As we become flexible and fluid with all that is...

To be clear...

This is not,
a one rule fits all,
a one trick promise,
a get rich quick,
or gain followers
& perceived success...
without developing substance alongside.

There is too much of that already out there...

Again and again, the business and marketing advice we come across does not feel fulfilling, suggest to us what we wish to spend our time doing, or seem to be adding to the change we wish to be part of - with each value, choice and decision a part of it.

We are talking about a guide for living in depth, consistency and understanding all the layers of experience we come up against.

From the outside, our way of working can seem elusive, magic and mysterious... and it is, but it also teachable.

There is a method to the magic.

We can become very aware of our choices and how we make things happen, with how to manifest and decide what we want.

All that is shared has been lived, experienced, and continues to evolve and grow alongside our own journey.

This is for all of us who are wanting:

  • to navigate past shame, guilt, judgement and fear, to show up and be the change we wish to see in the world.
  • tools for times we feel we are lost, disconnected and faltering.
  • something different to the majority of marketing, business tools or success concepts out there...
  • to understand the 'game' - how structures of marketing, finance, capitalism, economics - how our society works, to create our own rules that benefit all.
  • to understand deeply our female story,  by knowing the context, ancestry, and world we have been and are in today - to become empowered.
  • to choose what we allow to influence and define us.
  • to not shy away from the pain of the world or our own, to embrace it and forge forwards.
  • to not drown in martyrdom - instead creating from joy and with a love for every element we take part in.
  • to reach success, wealth and influence and be equally fulfilled, in-integrity and enjoying it.

This is about truly living rather than just selling ideas and concepts.

ALL spiritual and empowerment techniques, trainings and paths have the potential to become our mask for denial.

We wish to be the change we wish to see.

So let's begin...