A 13 week Journey to take part in re-designing our dream economic system and to start living it.

Clearing money blocks and experiencing wealth in all ways to live our purpose and be the positive change - to come alive at this time, empowered and thriving to give from an overflowing cup.

Become an investor in the world you want: learn the landscape of cryptocurrency, potential of web3 and blockchain technology, and how to engage to experience abundant returns.



Join us on this full exploration of the world of economics, money and wealth. For 13 weeks we will take part in re-designing the economic system to show up in the world to be of service, fully participate, allow for financial flow, trust in natures abundance, and walk on Earth with respect for all.

We are stepping into a new economic value system we get to take part in designing, co-creating and living now.

Mother Earth needs us to work with her.


Why this work matters.

In recent modern history, people outside of the dominant race, gender, culture and class, have typically not had independent access to wealth and resources, along with the body of knowledge, language, understanding and practice how to work with it.

We want to take this a step further because we don't want to play the game that has been played so far - that has meant power-over, control, manipulation, and growth at all costs that has led to depletion of our important Earth resources. Profit does not come first above all else. If anyone loses we all lose.

A new economy is emerging - out of necessity.

We are here to be part of its redesign.

Where the feminine leads the way

and OUR values stand at the center.

Good investments are good for ALL.

This is not a utopian fantasy, this is the reality of our failing economic system that will continue to fail if we focus on manipulation, control, coercion and smokes and mirrors to try and make it stand up.

Growth at all costs does not make sense unless it allows death and integrating lessons through it’s cycles, to become a wise economy.

Let’s come into right relationship to deeply heal and not exacerbate the problems.


Who is this journey for?

For anyone who has not been part of the economic design so far. For all gender-defined.

For those, who feel in anyway dysfunctional, in a state of lack, or hurt around money. Tired of many of the superficial narratives, and games that people (and perhaps you yourself) play with money. A yearning for a deeper understanding, and desire to truly thrive, and really be able to show up and be of service in this world.

Using any privileges afforded to us - learning how to thrive and let good money flow.

This is for you, if your ready to commit, make a change, and take ownership and responsibility (your natural power) to do so.

This is for those who are ready to be present with their time, gifts and to be of service with them in the world. We are aiming to leave no stone unturned and this takes courage and the ability to face our shadows - and the collectives - to get to the other side of abundance and value shared for ALL on this Earthly plane.

We will shift from societies hierarchical structures, break-free from the illusions of control, face our own delusions and allow for a rebirth into crystal clear vision, voice, heart, action, emotions, and grounded steps into this future - together.

Can we take the power into our own hands to make the change we wish to see happen?



You Financially Thriving



Allows for you to show up in life, to be of service and to become a wise custodian - choosing where money flows in your life, and in the world.


It is often those of us with the best intentions, high ideals, and great ideas that can sell ourselves short and thus block our ability to make an impact.


We can also just as easily overcompensate, feel forced to manipulate, hustle, or follow a path against our souls desire to receive an income - just to get by.


Too many personal development, coaching and spiritual money teachings remain surface-level, lacking in holistic perspective, real life experience, and remain in ignorance to the great inequalities of our current systems. Without examining this, we can unconsciously perpetuate these systems and be a part of the problem.


It is not enough to say women now deserve to earn, spend, invest and save and give like men - we deserve to redesign how we earn, spend, invest, save and give, that radically shifts this system into one that supports ALL.


This ensures we can survive here on Earth and reclaim balance.


This is our opportunity to design anew NOW - and feel empowered to create it, shape it, and be the driving force behind making it happen. This begins by taking note of every small thought, word, and actions we make that takes account of the whole.


for all

What do you get from this?


  • Take part in re-designing the economic system to start living it.
  • A personal deep dive into your gifts, and soul path, narrative, and operating manual.
  • A collective overview and understanding to feel empowered in the world you live in.
  • The support to become an investor, to learn the cryptocurrency market and the power of blockchain technology and web3 to create our future. 
  • Regular check-ins and inspiration to work with in our personal community channel.
  • 13 audio recorded lessons to listen to in your own time
  • In group coaching option: weekly Zoom circle - to connect, heal and stay accountable to rise and flourish.
  • 1:1 Support - 1:1 sessions available
  • A review of resources, with highlights, notes, takeaways and lessons. Sources of guidance, and wise people to be influenced by for continued learning and flourishing.


Why am I doing this?


  1. I want to be on this journey, learning, growing and showing up to be of service alongside you. This feels like un-chartered territory - I haven't come across anything like it - and therefore I know this adventure is for us to embark on. We will be in it together, mirroring, advancing and supporting one another in this experience. I will be honest every step along the way with what i have learnt and am learning on-going.
  2. There is a power to 'good people' claiming this topic, and I am honestly tired of myself and the women I work with playing small, remaining in denial, dysfunction, not investing or feeling empowered to be the change, not able to truly show up because of a state of lack and discomfort in this field of money and finance.
  3. This will help me, and us all, expand into abundance that flows. It will be the training ground that prepares us to be excellent custodians, caretakers and conduits of wealth. Honoring debts, payments, goods and offerings we value, enjoying beauty, considering our impact, and being able to give well - with integrity and knowledge of how our money moves with the world.



Good Money Flows

Each week we will explore a new realm within ourselves and outer reflection in the world.

We will unearth our hidden gifts. explore where and what we are holding back, to show up fully and be of love-filled service with all we do. Below, is aimed to give an overview of our journey, as we cycle through the Wheel of Life several times...


Week 1 Death of the Old Collective and Personal narratives - Rebirth for ourselves and all.


Week 2 Childlike curiosity, exploration and learning with playfulness  - Visions and Dreams


Week 3 Emotional Fire, shame, guilt and judgements - Sensuality and Creative Gifts


Week 4 Power Mother Queen - Owning Responsibility and Sovereignty to make aligned decisions.


Week 5 Elder Wisdom - integration lessons, receiving and giving in balance with all things.


Week 6 From the Ground Up - roots, resources and reserve. Knowing we are enough.


Week 7 True treasure, beauty, and joy unfolding and expressing - giving fully to receive fully


Week 8  Voice, power - putting our money where our mouth is ‘grow up to show up’

- power of the ask. Pricing, selling, marketing and speaking our worth and standing up for ourselves.


Week 9 Wise choices, investments, savings, legacy. Cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, NFTs and web3.


Week 10 This Greater Web We Are Part Of - Herstorical knowledge, learning and empowerment. Financial systems review to change, redesign and reimagine into our blueprint. Gifting Economies


Week 11 Trial and Error, experimentation, creative ideas


Week 12 Leaders of our future - in what way are we leading? 


Week 13 Good ways of giving - a life-giving economy to thrive, achieve abundance for all and live with love and harmony. Earth-based ways of reciprocity.



What is my experience?


From studying Business and Economics at the London School of Economics during the economic crash of 2008, to turning away from any stable career option and following the path unknown, and spending several years trying to reject money and its importance in my life. I have since tried to reconcile my understanding of money, wealth and the economy I am taking part by actively questioning, experimenting and looking at how it flows or stagnates in my life and others.

I’ve made all the mistakes and continue to do so. Neither have I mastered or perfected the money game but I do pay attention and take account of my daily interactions with this subject and wish to grow alongside you. I care most about living in balance and using my privilege for good, while also not in denial, lack or shame around this subject.


If this sounds like it is for you:

- You’re ready to consciously walk into right relationship with money

- You want to be part of the positive change in the world.

- You want to thrive, enjoy life and feel good about it.

- You are hearing the call that now is the time we make a great collective change before it’s too late.


"Thanks to the support, guidance, and container of Good Money Flows, I've been gifted fresh and inspired perspective on my place in the world. Learning from Hannah and the other incredible beings in this program created a community that I'd been calling in for a long time. I always looked forward to our live calls, curious to see what kind of synchronicities were alive amongst us all that day, as there most always were! Hannah is a natural leader, relatable, and down to earth. I believe the kind of work she is trailblazing in the world at this time, is, and will continue to have deep impacts on the planet as we continue to evolve. Thanks for reminding me that I can truly live the life of my dreams...I am ready to begin walking that more fully, knowing that I am held by a community such as this one. So much love."

- Brooke Fenton

“I am only on week 8 and already experiencing so many positive changes for myself and my family. I’ve raised my prices and the week on boundaries came at the perfect time.”

- Julie Hickey

“I have been living in abundance ever since taking your workshop.”

- Domino Martinez




$333 Self-Study Limited Time Access:

  • 13 weeks of audio and written transmissions, with journal prompts and resources
  • Perfect if you’re ready to dive in and dedicate to work with the materials for 13 consecutive weeks upon purchase.

$650 Lifetime + Community Access:

  • 13 weeks of audio and written transmissions, with journal prompts and resources.
  • Lifetime access to take in your own time and also return back to as we update and revise content.
  • One 1:1 call for Q&A and personal guidance.
  • Invitation to join the Fertile Economy Mastermind

$3333 Group Journey:

  • 13 weeks of audio and written transmissions, with journal prompts and resources.
  • 13 weeks of group coaching calls
  • Lifetime access to take in your own time and also return back to as we update and revise content.
  • On call guidance to investing into cryptocurrency, with support to navigate and experience the infinite potential of this technology.
  • One additional 1:1 call for personal guidance.
  • Invitation to the Fertile Economy Circle Mastermind.

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