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Currently Includes:

2018 recording of Money Matters workshop

13 week journey to Redesign the Economy and flourish and thrive in it now –

  • 13 weeks of audio and written transmissions, with journal prompts and resources
  • Philosophical, energetic, emotional and practical
  • understanding the difference between economy, capitalism, current system dysfunctions and making money and letting it flow in your life as an abundant resource
  • If you feel at all like making money, becoming wealthy and rich makes you a bad person and you need to understand how to navigate these realms well, anchored, grounded and in deep knowing you’re supporting the whole.


Coming soon:

Making Money Medicine – A Sacred Money Series – 6 Part Prayer into Abundance & Whole Wealth for ourselves and the 🌏

Abundant Returns – Crypto & Once Around the blockchain

The Sacred in the Mundane – Taxes, Debt & Savings

Worth followed by Trust – the deep feminine ocean into exalted mount masculine


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