Song of the Hummingbird Journey + Retreat

Song of the Hummingbird journey + retreat

This is the first in a series of Soul Seed Gathering x Stibrawpa Journeys

Note// Date Change >>> Tuesday 13th – Friday 16th December 2022

We have 1 spot left to join us tomorrow Tuesday 13th – pay in cash to join. Reserve  by messaging +506 6415 2784


Song of the Hummingbird 

Join us to:

  • travel into a portal beyond time, up-river and deep into the jungle, to connect to our messages for this time
  • listen to the Song of the Hummingbird,
  • experience the special Stibrawpa community & their way of life,
  • connect, as we gather for our final evening under the full moon with drum and song
  • experience an end of year tune-in and reset for the year ahead.
  • receive simplicity, cultural connection, and your own ancestral reclamation.

We are entering into the Stibrawpa way of life.

We will

– learn the story of the women who built Stibrawpa as an example of incredible leadership

– swim in the crystal clear river

– learn about Cacao

– explore medicinal food gardens

– visit the Usure Cosmic House

– a sacred pool (depending on group and the community).

~ every time we visit it’s a slightly different experience and in-sight into the community.

Our final night is under the full moon, where we will gather with song, circle and prayer.

80% of the food served is from their land.
Vegan/vegetarian options available.

Song of the Hummingbird invites us all to sing our own song of remembrance and reclamation.

To weave with one another with presence, connection and the pleasure of simplicity.

The Journey will invite us to reset, restore, and to remember what we are here for.


Price includes:

  • Pick-up and return from your place in Puerto Viejo area to boat dock
  • Return Boat journey (1.5hrs up river one way)
  • 3nights and 3 days at Stibrawpa in Yorkin
  • All activities on-site
  • All meals during our stay

   + Support of Soul Seed Gathering & Stibrawpa school project.

Expect simple accommodations maintained with love.

& a high level of service by all community members who take great pride in their roles and welcoming you there.

Each of you who join become a part of the song that is sung in the retreat.

Bring additional cash if wanting to purchase crafts, cacao or cacao fruit jam.


Of Soul Seed Gathering:

  • ‘the most profound week of my life’ – Courtney Scott
  • ‘WOW I am in awe. This gathering felt like home. Heart-centered and powerful, beyond words.’ – Olivia Ashton
  • ‘The experience was so well put together I recommend to everyone’ – Minkie English
  • ‘I’m saving the money to next come again. My dream would be to come every year of my life.’ – Chloe Rae

Of Stibrawpa community:

  • ‘I’ve stayed in many ashrams, visited temples and conscious communities – this is first place in the world that I’ve felt genuine peace’ – SSG Founder, Hannah Dyson
  • ‘Such a special place. So honored to be there.’ – Karin Andersson 
  • ‘Thank you for bringing me to this special place’ – Usha Khanna


Stibrawpa means ‘women of craft’.

Founded by 3 women, after the fungal infection destroyed 80% of their cacao crops in the late 70s ~ which was previously their main source of wealth as a community. Many of the men had to go work for the banana plantations, and for the first time experienced many health issues due to pesticides and change in diet. They also brought back with them the machismo culture, including violence and power-over the women.

3 women came together to find a way to restore their community and bring back a healthier way of life where they can tend to their own lands.

Bernarda, one of the founding members, journeyed to San Jose, to study for a year and to learn how to set up their own tourist organization. With the help of ATEC they began receiving tourists shortly after.

Bernarda describes visiting the national museum in San Jose and witnessing the exhibition of Bri Bri culture and history, and for the first time recognized that they were an important people. She returned to her community to share this empowerment in identity, and for the first time learnt the Bri Bri language, which had for many years been forbidden in schools.

Her grandmother who only spoke Bri Bri then told her to protect their 3 pillars

  • Their Bri Bri role as caretakers of the Earth
  • A Healthy Economy and good flow of money
  • Cultural identity – including language and spirituality.

Their story is one of profound community reclamation. Restoring health, wealth and identity.

The women now continue to be voted in as leaders because their trusted as doing so best for this community.

Our film of this story is in production.


[For full transparency:

70% is cost of shared shuttle bus + Stibrawpa tourist fees.

15% of cost supports Soul Seed Gathering for our work in preparation, admin and storytelling ~ for more in the world to learn about this community.

 15% supports directly the Stibrawpa Bri Bri school project – to build a dedicated space for Bri Bri language, culture and spiritual teachers for the future generations. Currently the school on-site focuses on Western education and only superficial Bri Bri teachings.

You are welcome to visit Stibrawpa in Yorkin, without Soul Seed Gathering, at any time, and plan your own travel to do so. We recommend booking directly (reach out for contact) or via. ATEC non-profit. ]



13th – 16th December

leaving 8am on the 13th (let us know your pick-up location in Puerto Viejo area)

Returning after breakfast on the 16th – approx arrival 12pm

3nights and 3 days

~ Members of our Patreon community from $11 up (reserve the $360 price. Email for purchase link. All are welcome to become supporters at Patreon at anytime. Join here.



Can I bring my children?

Yes! You are responsible for their care but the Stibrawpa community is incredibly welcoming to children. I’ve journeyed with my now 2year old for the last year and a half many times, and always come away refreshed, more at ease and with clarity even with less sleep. He also feels very comfortable there.

Please contact us at for prices for family discount and individual children – share with us ages and anything we should know.

Will I have time to myself?

Yes at anytime you can go for a walk, rest or take a swim in the area by yourself.

I’m plant-based vegan or vegetarian will I be able to eat?

Yes they easily accommodate vegan or vegetarian with beautiful wholesome meals from their land.

What should I bring?

We recommend layers for night time sleep, swimwear and sarong for easy drying, flashlight or torch, comfortable clothing and natural bug spray + all toiletries you may need. Bring a water bottle for the drive there.

Bring some cash for crafts and cacao.

Will I be able to charge any electrics and do I have signal there?

No we are off-grid in this community so look after your phones battery life. It’s very difficult to get signal there so prepare to be uncontactable for these days.


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