Making Money Medicine

A sacred money series

6 Part Prayer into Abundance and Whole Wealth for ourselves and the 🌏

Our Making Money Medicine Journey:

In-person journey:  January 13th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th

3-5pm each day

Location in Puerto Viejo area, Costa Rica

Online availability from February 2023

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1st Medicine of Money

– what happens when you understand money as medicine? Can money be an integral part of the medicine path? We need medicine people and healers cleaning the money system by taking conscious part in it. By being in conversation with it. By being in partnership with it. In what ways can money move with us together into our next collective evolution?

2nd Material World Matters

– we live in the World of matter and yet, the patriarchal religious chorus has asked us to ascend out of it. The patriarchal scientific choir asks us to fragment, separate and isolate our understanding – rather than looking to the whole ecosystem past, present and future Inter-connectivity. All our spiritual work and exploration of truth should be guiding us deeper into the body and liberation of all in matter. Money can be experienced as an energy yet, has real world material impact. How do we navigate the experience of abundance and our life of survival, bills and pleasurable desires? As well as sacred Debt, taxes and banking systems?

3rd Income streams sourced

– radically shifting our sales and receiving technology rooted in source consciousness. Stepping out of manipulation, forcing, proving, pleasing and desperation. No longer giving to get. We are source – so how do we move from here? How does money meet us in this place? How do we sell, receive and pursue? Meeting the shadow of the predator and the prey.


4th Investments in our future

– where does our money go? What are our most beneficial investments for abundant compounding returns? How can we simply be Who we are and appreciate? Investment is imbued with the energy we place behind it, with it and from it. How are we investing – time, energy, attention and money? – and sacred savings, investments and bank accounts?


5th Circulation

– any healthy ecosystem has flowing energy moving in it. Stagnation and mass accumulation creates a great imbalance and distortion that impacts ALL. How do we take part in healthy circulation and trust in our ability to give and receive? How do we shift out of the 1% vs. 99% ? Do we dance with our resources or feel tight contracted in fear?


6th Our Legacy is in the Body of the Earth

– growing our roots into this ancient earth and serving Her in our walk and everyday actions. Money gets to join us in our legacy. Money gets to celebrate and meet us in joy and collaboration with all. What is your body saying to you and guiding you forth? How can we work in partnership with Mother Earth and Mother Money?