For Women Who Change With The World Lifetime container

Welcome to the Infinite Garden

Enter in when ready to move, create and come alive in the forest of potential.

With all of your life playing together in a symphony of beauty – playing a song remembered and reclaimed.

To be guided by your wild instinctual body back home here in the soil and land of plenty.

We are here, navigating our way together, sailing through crystalline waters.

Not settling for anything less than pure creation, channel and collaboration with the seen and unseen realms.
Between matter and spirit.
With the sacred in the mundane and the mundane in the sacred.

A Lifetime container to support you staying in your flow, rhythm and connection with All.
The Earth, your Body, and what you came here for.

Where all elements of your life matter and take part.

To follow through on your dreams and desires, attuned to the way your soul is speaking to you.

Clearing away distractions, distortions, expectations and noise.

To hear the steady beat of your own heart guiding you, every step of the way.

What are the rules to business, marketing and success?

Learn through your own path without needing to copy, regurgitate, force, prove or manipulate from the subtle

to the bigger forces of striving from lack.

Undress from all the conditioning and unconscious agreements you’ve made keeping you looping or stuck.

Re-patterning rooted in Nature.

From a bedrock of Her Soul Story, weaving into your better narrative of what is possible for your life and All.


Monthly live calls: transmission & Q&A guidance – every last Wednesday of the month.

Make it live if you can, or receive the recording.

Mini Guides & Audio Journeys

With Deeper Dives into:

Intro short-course 🗺 Mapping – seasonal and energy navigation

With tools, resource and guidance released monthly:

🐆Leaders of Living Well – source of energy, power and creativity 

🌱Tending to the Soil – structure and form 

🏹 Archers: Clarity & Focus – clearing all distraction and distortions

🦅 Visionary: idealism is our superpower – CEO identity and vision holder

🪄 Magic Momentum – moving in the current of life

🌀 Life is but a game – staying playful with all

🌊  Comfort in discomfort – Radical non-avoidance

🌺 Work in love – everything becomes possible when in love

🐚 Source in Sales – natural sales streams

👑 Don’t fuck with my flow – become unfuckwithable

🌾 Abundant returns – crypto & once around the blockchain energetics

Time Travel – timeline collapse, jumping, and navigation while remaining present.

🐻 Wisdom Listens and Sleeps – fine tuning, refining and feeling into your next evolution

All of these themes are woven with deep feminine history and animist storytelling,

while following the guidance of the river as our teacher:

From Wellspring to Overflow

Riverbank to Crystal Waters

Staying Current to the Ocean of potential

Water spirits to Navigating Obstacles

All elements to Streams of Income

No Dams to Waterfalls

The Ocean in a Drop

to the steady Earth Beneath it all

these are tuning in points for different moments of our day, week, year and journey with our work.


Notes, journal guidance, audio recordings, meditations and video where appropriate.

You receive access to the online membership, our backend Notion notes, Voxer community chat and Zoom monthly calls.

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Note: no penalty or added cost for paying in installments

You can be at any stage of creation – as long as you have a willingness to follow- through on something and be part of the positive change in the world.


Terms & Conditions

Payment is non-refundable – please make an embodied clear choice to step into this container.

You receive lifetime access once completed payment.

For this, and all content shared, we trust you to not copy, share and pretend its your own work, now or at any time in future. If you want to reference this work, please cite us, but do not copy and paste whole extracts of text. We monitor IP addresses, and we may take legal action if we discover any fringe on copyright.
Words are by Hannah Ruth Dyson for Women Change World LLC unless otherwise stated or cited.
There is a karma to this practice of taking/copying/stealing without acknowledgement or permission that is rampant in todays age of information. We are personally working to become so deeply integral, and invite you to do the same to be able to achieve all the results you are hoping for ~ for the deepest sense of success.

We are here to protect our community – any hate language or aggression to any member of our community will have you removed without refund.

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