Radical Non-Avoidance

Original Artwork created for Women Change World by Cathryn Rose, Weaver of Light

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere like us, we are currently in real-time in the SOUTH of the Compass. You can enter into the SOUTH at anytime during a business cycle, creation, movement and/or in your lifetime. We share the ins-and-outs of this understanding in our first fundamental course MAPPING which you can join for less than a cost of a dress to begin your process of living in FLOW.

We’re going to share an outline of one of the best tools for the SOUTH aspect of the Compass today…

Radical Non-Avoidance.

A practice:
To prevent an illusion of well-being – physical, mental, emotional – before it manifests as a problem.
To watch the avoidance in our ‘doing’ day-to-day at home, in work or in social situations.
To observe what we avoid saying in relationship – with friends, family, partners and co-workers – that prevents us sharing our truth.
To navigate the traps, pitfalls and ways we may ‘fall off our path’.
To be our own teacher, healer, therapist and life-coach.

A reminder to: 
Be conscious, mindful and lucid day to day.
Fully participate in our own lives.
Be intimate with ourselves
Avoid pushing our problems down without resolve.
Focus on our self-care including mental, emotional, physical exercise and health.
Feel connected to who we are and what we want to be.
Be open to growth.

This means:
A form of radical presence
Responding rather than reacting
Standing in our truth
Moving through fears
Expanding our perspective
Deepening our compassion for self and others
Awareness of life as a daily journey of experience and teachings
Using tools such as meditation, breathing and ceremony to connect
Loving life and paying attention


If you want to begin learning how to map to build a relationship with the stages of change – join us at our fundamental course Mapping.

If needing the space to be held for you to lean into that discomfort, gain an honest reflection and dig deep into your truth book a consult to equip you with some personalised tools here.

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