We want to keep coming back to clarity.

Occasionally we need personalised support to help us see, think, speak and act clearly.
If you, or your organisation, feels stuck and you need support to flow forwards...
Book a 1:1 consultation with Hannah Ruth Dyson
1 time consultation personal $350
1 time consultation business $660 (for an organisation and multiple employees)
On-going Guidance
(meeting 2x per month on call)
~ Available upon request, based upon personal needs, after first consultation
Group Guidance, Immersions & Workshops
If enough interest arises Hannah will guide small groups (max 6) online and in-person in Costa Rica. Look out for any announcements, and contact to register interest.
Contact Hannah at
Note: Hannah’s main work is with Soul Seed Gathering, so all 1:1 and personalised consultations are organised to fit around her schedule there. Contact directly, as openings can occur at any time, and we will do our best to fit you in ASAP.
Hannah does not provide copywriting, marketing, and content for you. This work is to uncover your own blocks to clear messaging, revealing your resistance to clarity, moving through stagnation and releasing fears or ideals that bind you from moving forward.
The aim for longer guidance sessions are to map out a comprehensive overview of your work/project/business/event together.
Together, you take a birds-eye view to navigate from. Hannah will always point you back to yourself and create the space for you to find your own answers and direction.
Both sides are able to cancel the arrangement at any time, if you no longer align, or things change in circumstance. The remaining amount will be returned - minus 1 full months deposit