{ short course fundamentals }


We want to 'work with weather', 'work with change', 'move with life' and celebrate our part in it.

Learn seasonal flow, energetics and when to change gears.

Leaders of Living Well..

Learn to source only from your own well of energy, power, creativity and currency

Women were always keepers of the Well.

Magic lives here

You are special and can live beyond your wildest dreams

"Hannah is incredible. She is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her course, For Women Who Want to Change the World, was EXACTLY what I was looking for. The way I see myself and my business has completely changed. She effortlessly guided us deep into ourselves while showing us how to bring it all together in our lives and businesses (I still practice some of the things we were taught every day). I am forever grateful Hannah and the numerous lessons she taught me in such a short amount of time."



"For women who want to change the world was an inner journey that allowed me to understand what is holding me back and what potential power I have to fully create the life that I want to live. The experience brought clarity to my mind, heart and soul and reminded me how important it is for us as women to come together and share from a vulnerable place. How empowering that is."

"As soon as we ended the call I danced in my room for the first time and practiced intuitive yoga, and ever since I have been practicing & moving in a more fluid intuitive way and focusing on movement meditation as my practice. The most powerful aspect of the call was feeling your genuine interest & support. Being seen and understood in this space has given me hope and in moments where I feel under pressure to go out and work a "real job" like everyone else, I remember your words of encouragement and your own experiences on your journey, and I believe it's possible for me too. Allowing myself the gift of Time and taking the pressure off myself has been key because the root of my anxiety is the fear of time slipping away and putting too much pressure and comparing myself. So to hear this from you has given me a positive reference outside of my mind to keep returning to and I'm reminded to relax and embrace the unknown space as the most exciting time. It's given me more perspective and gratitude knowing that I may look back on this time as a special one, even though it currently feel sticky & challenging."



"Hannah has drastically changed my life. I am, without a doubt, a new woman since meeting her in Costa Rica two years ago. Hannah has made me come in tune with my body, with my roots, with the stars - with every piece of me. I have directed many women to Hannah, and I will until the end of time. I truly believe Hannah is here to change the world, blasting peoples hearts and eyes open. Her wisdom if beyond her years.. if anyone gets the chance to meet her, you too will know. I attended her cacao ceremonies, women gatherings, red tents, and Soul Seed Gathering.. and I will do everything I can to meet with her yearly. She is a shape shifter. Magic. An earth angel. I recommend her presence to everyone on this planet."

"Hannah is a force of nature. She beautifully weaves feminine divinity, our sacred sexuality, business, social justice, ancient cultural wisdom, play, humor, sustainability, activism and motherhood into her work on numerous levels. She's honest, endlessly curious and fiercely loving."



"You have no idea how much you have impacted my life because you impacted my friends life, and we’ve never met before. As soon as I realised it was you speaking I burst into tears - I have literally no idea how to thank you enough!"

"I felt completely at ease and continuously curious with Hannah's guidance and lessons. The circle time got me to look deeper into my intentions and forced me to understand that I have the power to create my life. I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to any woman who is looking to create a more intimate relationship with herself as a creative and powerful being."