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For the intelligence of Woman who knows she changes with the world, as much as she can change it, and be changed by it. 

Connected to a greater eco-system of elemental helpers and spirit that runs through her life.

Co-creation with all that is.
Success happens when in-alignment and in-rhythm with all of who you are.
Magic is your natural state of being connected.

We are all remembering how to live in this way.

Re-patterning rooted in nature.

Step into the Infinite Garden with us for the world you want to be (in).

As a child I felt The World on my shoulders. Learning of its injustices and destructive patterns. I wanted to save it, and show up, in the best way that I could…

This began a life-long quest to understand HOW to best be of service.

As I began to experience visions, and my mission and purpose began to unfold… I looked desperately around me for that HOW to carry it out.

To stay in-integrity, alignment and grounded throughout… while also making an income to flourish, thrive and show up best.

I wanted to go big, while protecting what I most value, and hold dear to my heart.

Aka. I didn’t want to lose myself, and get burnt out for a cause, and actually end up adding greater dysfunction or distortion.

But, I saw examples of that everywhere. And, I’ve had to experience many of my own mistakes, to understand how to best navigate, and mend and heal as I go.

The human experience, and living fully, is not without wounding, or wrong-turns - it’s just how we adapt, learn and grow through these challenges.

To not go along standing on a soap box of superiority and forcing change, or clinging to outdated business practices. Including ways of selling, and forging success that feels extractive, manipulative and lacks true deep fulfillment.

The ends don’t justify the means,
and many lose their way on this path…

We are here for grace and elegance to navigate each challenge, and find our way to create the change we are here for with ease.

‘You have to do it yourself but you cannot do it alone.’

We are re-patterning rooted in nature.

A Sacred Business Container and Creator Academy,
~ For those with sacred dreams and the courage to take up space.

Spiritual practices and energetic attunements

Helping us be more at home in the body, and to enjoy the adventure of being human

Business and Creator modules

To support our projects and organizations flourish and thrive

A bedrock of Herstory

To support our subconscious beliefs and tell our own life story that makes our heart flutter

Understanding of greater world systems

Legal, economy, business and marketing ~ to play the game intelligently

(not limited to)

🗺 Mapping - Guide to working in flow and with all seasonal changes

🐆 Leaders of Living Well - learning to give from the overflow and protect our well-spring of energy, time, creativity and sexuality.

🌱 Tending to the Soil - building the structure and form to support the creative force of your feminine to flourish

🏹 Archers: Clarity & Focus - how to stay clear and focused on your own true path, limiting distraction and disconnect

🪄 Magic Momentum - experiencing the magic of movement and saying yes to yourself

🦅 Visionary: idealism is our superpower - to step in as the CEO of your company and to hold the vision for all, while shapeshifting into the other roles necessary

🌀 Life is but a game - the reminder that life is a game and we can choose how to play it, uplevel and gain superpowers

🌊 Comfort in discomfort - Radical non-avoidance and emotional mastery, experiencing liberation and a return of our power by rising to the occasion

🌺 Work in love - relationship dynamics and the most magnetic energy is LOVE

🐚 Source in Sales - how to sell from the Source and find your unique business blueprint

👑 Don’t fuck with my flow - boundaries, protection and love with swords ⚔️ to become unfuckwithable

🌕 Mother Muse - every thriving society upheld the Mother at the center. What is the fullness of the mother archetype? How do we serve, uphold and nourish Her to inspire ourselves and the world?

⏰ Time Travel - we are all operating on multiple timelines simultaneously, how do we time travel best between them and journey on our DTL - divine timeline

🐻 Wisdom Listens and Sleeps - if we’re not integrating we are looping on and repeating our same mistakes. Nourished by Winter and rest.

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"This is a powerful container, every transmission feels aligned and brings clarity to what's next and what are the priorities and the aspects of life and business that need more attention. 

It has helped me to see my business deeper as an entity, working together brought me a deep understanding of what she needs and also how I can co-create with all aspects of my life and Spirit." - Flavia 

To answer a souls calling, a sacred prayer and, make an imprint on this Earth, is a great courageous journey...

Calling us
to look at ourselves and hold
sacred responsibility
Initiation after initiation
Bringing us deeper,
into ourselves
And right relationship with all.

"This container is supporting me in my personal growth, self confidence and worth. Investing in myself is a huge medicine and feeling held and supported allows me to move forward with confidence in my projects.

It feels like being held, a feminine energy like I have a safe space to share and express and normalize my experience and challenges. Also a masculine energy to bring me assertiveness and groundedness so I can walk with confidence and power. It feels like I’m being seen and supported all the way.

Each of our calls resonate and brought keys to unlock situations and process in the moment. Incredible how it each time resonates with my physical experience and helped to move forward each steps. I am always looking forward to dive into the online content and courses!" - Myriem Corteville

What I found is, that this is the adventure that allows me to...

  • come more fully alive each day
  • drink the nectar of this life
  • and fully appreciate, and participate in it.

"Hannah is incredible. She is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her course, For Women Who Want to Change the World, was EXACTLY what I was looking for. The way I see myself and my business has completely changed. She effortlessly guided us deep into ourselves while showing us how to bring it all together in our lives and businesses (I still practice some of the things we were taught every day). I am forever grateful Hannah and the numerous lessons she taught me in such a short amount of time." - Kylie Ide

"For women who want to change the world was an inner journey that allowed me to understand what is holding me back and what potential power I have to fully create the life that I want to live. The experience brought clarity to my mind, heart and soul and reminded me how important it is for us as women to come together and share from a vulnerable place. How empowering that is." - Wies Merx

Hannah’s Story

In 2015 I received an incredible vision for the change in the world I wanted to see, and decided to just go all in to make it happen.

And I wanted to do it on my own terms…

Without funding, team or a big following I surrendered, with a promise to show up each day and ask what was needed from me.

6 months later This led to the first Soul Seed Gathering research documentary trip to Guatemala and 3 months after that a gathering of 50 women

And it just flowed with ease.

It can be simple!

We can create big offerings and change in micro pockets of time by clearing blocks and rising out of the way we get in our own way …

Integrating the teachings of the Wheel of Life I was apprenticed in, guided by the seasons and cycles of change - into business and planning.

This taught me another way of working, creating and living into a success that I can design and cultivate… without sacrifice.

With my values and choices at the heart.

For me this includes:

  • Family and fun with loved ones every day
  • Intimate and ‘it’s only getting better’ love relationship
  • Rest as often as I need and like
  • Co-creating with nature, weather and my environment
  • A change in the world that starts at home full of love, pleasure and joy
  • Giving from an overflowing cup

"Hannah is a force of nature. She beautifully weaves feminine divinity, our sacred sexuality, business, social justice, ancient cultural wisdom, play, humor, sustainability, activism and motherhood into her work on numerous levels. She's honest, endlessly curious and fiercely loving." - Oliva Ashton

~ a place to release the weight off your shoulders and find all the resources, support and tools you need in one place, with a flourishing and thriving community of support to show up for what you’re here for.

To anchor your dreams into reality
To be part of the positive change in the world
To be of service and stay in integrity
To experience flow and rise up through all seasonal changes
To fly while staying grounded and held by the great Mother
To rise up to the occasion and meet your initiations, with community celebrating you every step of the way.

‘She changes everything she touches. And everything she touches changes.’ - Starhawk

Join For Women Who Change With The World

- for lifetime access

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How does it work?

1st) A Welcome 1:1 call ~ to support your journey navigating the content with where you are on your journey (you’re welcome at any stage!)

2nd) You get invited into our chat channel and community space ‘The Infinite Garden’

3rd) On our website, you access easily:
•  Audio recordings, meditation guides and written notes and journal exercises
•  Some notes are also made available on the app Notion for easy access.

4th) Every month we have a live call - part transmission, guided meditation journey and Q&A (every last Wednesday of the month, 8:30am CST) - an audio transmission version will be available for replay

5th) Infinite Garden Community members have special access to 1:1 consulting for your business & offering with Hannah (no longer available publicly)

To come:
•  an app to house our community + all content for easy access from phone 📱

•  embodiment, breathwork and special guest teachers to be announced

This container is made for lifetime access so you can release any pressure to complete in a time frame, can layer and repattern cycle after cycle, and dip into what you need when you need it.

10 years into working with the Wheel of Life and these guidance tools - I’m so grateful to be be reminded how to stay the course and be held in this space.

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I’m a tired mother, should I wait before joining?

You can join exactly as you are. You receive lifetime access, so that you can take your time and layer in the repatterning. I’ve found my subconscious is much more accessible when tired and can make incredible shifts, ready for when I have the energy again to create and move forwards with greater clarity and strength.

Do I already need to know my purpose, mission or idea to create from?

The short answer is no. You just need to sense that you have a purpose, mission and ideas that want to come through you. The tools will help tend to yourself, your life and your personal eco-system to allow clear ideas and purpose to move through you.

Do I have to be in the Northern Hemisphere to follow along with the Wheel of the Year as you guide it?

No, all of our teachings for beginning in the Southern Hemisphere are now available to begin if you’re working in alignment with current seasons. What you will find is that we’re always working on multiple timelines - for some offerings or aspects of our journey we will be in the East - with new energy, some in the South - experimenting and testing, others in the West - experiencing maturity -and in the North for integration and slowing down before beginning again.

What payment plans are available?

Options are to pay in full, pay over a year or 6months without penalty or increased amount for installments.

If you need a payment plan more accessible to you contact us at [email protected] to arrange and set up

What if I cant make the live calls - will there be a recording?

If unable to make live calls we will consider what time and days can be best for whole group and if necessary will hold two monthly sessions to make different time zones. To honor our members requests, we’re not recording sessions so that everyone can feel at ease with sharing in the moment. Audio recordings of the transmissions and meditation guidance will always be made available after the call for those unable to make it live.

Does my mission need to be big and world changing?

No, any small service driven mission or idea can have a profound ripple effect. If your purpose is to show up more fully for your family and community at this time - how you show up in life, could be the most world changing offering.

Doors are now closed.