Original Artwork created for Women Change World by Cathryn Rose, Weaver of Light

It is still a new phenomenon that so many of us today have the ability and access to become teachers, leaders, and guides, as well as creating our own business, brands and events. Amazing – power and access is spreading out.

However, this has happened so rapidly in the age of information that we haven’t necessarily sat down to think about the ethical implications, and how we want to actually create change, by the way we practice business and how we make our choices in the world.

It is easy to complain about the evil of large corporations and those in government,
but are we willing to question our own small everyday choices and how they ripple out?

Once you recognize the system of oppression we have all be complicit in it’s important to make different decisions and not fall into using the same techniques that keep us lulled and supporting it.

We need continued, collective conversation to move past ego – pride – discomfort – and be unafraid to listen to one another, to learn and grow and to do better, as personal change agents.

Let’s be clear: It is scary to question and do things differently to the status quo and the system you grew up in, when you also want to earn a living, support yourself and find success in your own life.

Spoiler alert – there is another way! and this is what this website as a living breathing resource and on-going conversation is all about.

Begin Mapping your work to align with a natural rhythm and flow here.

Are you still resting in the Season of Winter – that unknown space – and need clarity and focus to flow forward again? Find that here.

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