Compass: A Tool of Navigation

Our Compass Guide is based upon a blue-print found across cultures, and countries around the world. 

Known as the Medicine Wheel or Sacred Hoop of Life in numerous Native American traditions, found within the Aztec Calendar and in Mayan Cosmology, named the Bhavacakra in the Buddhist teachings, and the Wheel of Life, or Wheel of Ana in Celtic and Britannic traditions. 

This navigation tool has been used as a method of survival, connection and harmony for those living directly in the wild, throughout time.

Once we come into relationship with all the shifts and changes in our own life we recognise how sensitive to our environment we are.

In our towns and cities we are affected by the weather, and often complain of its influence and 'disruption'. We allow something outside of our control to dictate how we feel, move, create and act. Yet, we still try and resist these forces and deny their power.

We want to work with weather, work with change, move with life and celebrate our part in it.

Each version of the wheel has been developed to suit the environment, people and community who use it.

We encourage you to develop your own personal compass, to become aware of the seasonal shifts and changes within your own place and being.

This will allow you to start directing your life journey with clarity and purpose.

To find a rhythm and flow of action and rest.

We can align our compass with the sun throughout a day, the moon throughout the month, the seasons of the year, the maturation in our lifetime, and the elements that make up all of our world.


In it's most basic understanding we can look at it like this:

NE: Transition from Dark to Light, Unknown to Clarity, Death to Life

East: Spring, Dawn, Waxing Moon, Childhood, Air, Sky, new beginnings, dreams, ideals, play

South: Summer, Midday Sun, Full Moon, Teenage yrs, Fire, Emotional weather, relationships, creativity, Trial & Error

West: Autumn, Setting Sun, Waning Moon, Womanhood, Water, Maturity, Power, Voice, Owning & Boundaries

North: Winter, Night, New Moon, Elder Grandmother, Earth, Wisdom, Rest, Review, Integration, Details


The benefits of alignment are to:

- find a sense of balance 

- work with intelligence & efficiency

- counteract the societal pressures to overwork through to stress & burn-out

-  flow with ease through all things

- enjoy the journey and find joy in all of it

- follow through from idea to completion

- work with change, not against it


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