Becoming Comfortable with Uncomfortable

Original Artwork created for Women Change World by Cathryn Rose, Weaver of Light

‘A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.’

– Tim Ferriss

I remember hearing this 6 months ago, and it articulated exactly what I was beginning to realise stepping into the West part of the Compass really meant.

As I have been transitioning from the South of the Compass, and growing into the West in my life and work, I am realizing the necessity to keep leaning into the discomfort of my truth, to be clear with communication – even when I wish to avoid it- while also up-holding boundaries to protect what i have cultivated and created.

I would stretch this quote further, and say that if we’re hoping to be part of any real significant change in the world – outer or inner – we have to be willing to get uncomfortable in all spheres of life.

This begins by looking at ourself – all that is ugly and painful inside, and then outside – how we may be complicit in what is wrong.

Becoming continually self aware is uncomfortable and necessary if you’re hoping to make any outer impact and change that will stick.

We are responsible for what we bring to any situation and self denial or spiritual bypass is a dangerous mix with activism, leadership, education, healing, or change-making work.

We need something or someone who forces us to be ‘real’ and honest with ourselves. Any practice or tradition can be another mask for self- denial….

i.e. If we’re continually ‘comfortable’ or have reached a plateau or sense of superiority, it’s likely we’re hiding from something that is just asking to be unearthed.

The good news is that the more we lean into those uncomfortable places the more ease we can experience through the process. It’s a practice that can’t be faked, and there can be comfort through the discomfort…

And I would argue there is no true success, fulfilment and deep joy or pleasure without pressing through our fears, unfolding our insecurities and revealing our resistances.

And there is no outer change unless we’re willing to do the internal change-work continuously.

Growing pains are real! But we all want to grow right?

The results and gifts are so worth it…

Our greatest tool here is radical non-avoidance – we’ll be sharing more about that here on the blog shortly.

Also finding community and practices of self care that support you through the discomfort is a necessity.

If you want to begin learning how to map to build a relationship with the stages of change – join us at our fundamental course Mapping.

If needing the space to be held for you to lean into that discomfort, gain an honest reflection and dig deep into your truth book a consult to equip you with some personalised tools here.

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