After the first Soul Seed Gathering Chapter 1 in Guatemala in 2016, I decided to take ‘maternity leave’ and let the SSG project rest. I turned down many opportunities and inquiries, and had to resit the urge to keep up with the momentum and excitement we had garnered from the success of our first major event and documentary cycle.

It was in that space of 'nothing but rest' that these guides channelled through as a complete body of work. I took what was perhaps the last weekend in my foreseeable future to be alone - by taking a short excursion to Panama - before our baby arrived, and I wrote down enough material to make a book.

This was before the title 'For Women Who Want To Change The World’ was here, and I just wanted to record my own process to always come back to. I could foresee how easy it would be to forget, and be seduced into other ways of working further down the path.

SSG Chapter 1 was the first ‘big’ event and experience that I tested this way entirely. All the way from a burning ‘why’, a spark of inspiration, an amalgamation of many ideas, to testing and trialling, to embodying and owning it, and then celebrating the success of gathering 50 women in Guatemala and funding our first research and documentary works.

The entire process just flowed - like magic.

I simply had to show up each day to recognise, and pay attention to what stage or transition I was moving into next. This meant becoming comfortable with the change, flexibility, and growth and staying present to it all.

This was after years of having incredible ideas, yet never following through on them.

Shortly after I channelled this guide, I felt the calling to ‘put it out there’ and start supporting and seeing if it could work for others also…

There was alsp frustration by the lack of integrity in the industry I was part of, and the ways of working being shared that I couldn’t relate to, or just didn’t want to live by.

I was also continually watching people with the best intentions getting burnt out, beginning to sabotage their purpose, and also act in dysfunctional ways trying to create the change they wanted to see.

There is plenty of the ‘what' or ‘why' out there. I couldn’t find a ‘how’ that felt good to me...

And I simply have an utterly stubborn sense of not wanting to forfeit anything in this lifetime.

I want to live my ideal day today.

I want the partner, the family, the friendships, the sense of adventure, the nourishing lifestyle, and yes, I want to be part of the change I wish to see in the world.

I don’t want endless ideas not followed through on…

I don’t want to drown in comparison or envy.

I don’t want to look like I have the perfect life and not be living it.

I want to ‘have it all’ and get clear on what that means for me.

This is my space to share all of that inquiry with you. To be honest with the ins-and-outs, the twists and turns, and make the mistakes - so you can hopefully make less of them!

The most selfish reason I have for putting this out there is that I want a community that is also living, breathing and working this way.

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We Support

  • A way of working that follows ease.
  • Where your spiritual practice, wellness routine and lifestyle don’t stand separately to how you do business, stand up for action and take care of the world.
  • RNA - Radical Non-Avoidance
  • Cutting out the noise, the over-sell, the overhype, the over-busy stress of striving, hustling and over-analyzing.
  • Growing up through obstacles and blocks.
  • Relaxing into the whole of who you are.
  • Showing up each day to grow, and bloom into your personal potential.
  • Aligning with your natural rhythms ~ cycles of doing and rest.
  • Following the course to express the whole truth of who you are.
  • Bringing change to the world with every small choice and step that allows you to thrive and reach your own fulfilment.


Founder | Hannah Ruth Dyson

Welsh grown and Costa Rica based, Hannah Ruth Dyson is a deep feminine and earth-based cultural researcher, indigenous advocate, educational writer and speaker, deep healing guide, and medicine keeper. 

Founder and CEO of Soul Seed Gathering non-profit and Women Change World LLC.

Hannah has become an expert on the history of women’s culture and earth-based spiritual traditions for the past nine years. From engaging in research, documenting ancestral cultures, mapping connections and knowledge-ways.

Working and hosting sacred travel experiences with elders from Lillooet First Nations, K’iche’, Tz’utujil, Kogi, Wayuu, Shipibo, Bri Bri, Cabecar and Celtic-Anglo-European lineages. With research focused on indigenous and ancestral women’s role in ceremony and ritual, dreamwork, plant medicine, and community leadership.

She received a Bachelor of Science at the London School of Economics in 2012 and has previous experience in international documentary research and film production.

Soul Seed Gathering was born in 2015. 

Women Change World was born in 2016 and shares the ‘how-to’, by offering guidance to bring ideas from the dream stage to creation, how to remain in flow, and in integrity for true fulfillment.

Hannah’s work acts as a bridge to understanding our collective human story by bringing greater awareness to the female and indigenous perspectives.

Her work also offers solutions for earth-centered change from business actions, re-imagining new financial systems, activism, healing and community building.

A loved speaker, facilitator and writer, Hannah empowers women to find, and be guided by their own internal compass.

As a healing guide, Hannah offers deep medicine ceremonies and 1:1 support guided by Nature. Learn more here.

Her family resides in Puerto Viejo, on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, home to the BriBri indigenous and Afro-Caribbean first settlers, along with 72 countries represented by expats,
with husband Kelly, sons Cosmo and Ozai, dogs Harley and Rara, and cat Sophia. 

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